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Differential Service
Transfer Case Repair
Clutch Replacement
Transmission Replacement
Transmission Gearing
Transmission Rebuild
Transmission Position Sensor Replacement
Transmission Fluid Change
Transmission Oil Pan Gasket Replacement
Transmission Oil Cooler Line Replacement
Transmission Leak Inspection
Transmission Fluid & Filter Replacement

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Customer Reviews

"First I'm that guy who knows very very little about cars. My Jeep Cherokee has given me hell, but Paul and this team were able to fix my transmissions..."

Eric L. · 06/02/2021

"The transmission on my 92 Bronco (270,000 miles) began to "slip" on acceleration and then downshift hard. Found Auto Trans Experts on Yelp and was..."

Allan C. · 05/24/2020

"Forgive the long post but i believe good service deserves every detail. It had finally came time for me to get my transmission rebuilt after feeling like i..."

Anthony J. · 08/24/2018

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